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Da bin ich auf Entscheidung meiner Magic Credit Card mal 3 Monate verblieben..he,he..Gammler

Zitate von diesem link:

“The one good thing about this place is that it lets you see what your life would have been if every decision you had made was the wrong one. It is basically nothing more than a glorified homeless shelter. I wouldn’t recommend it to a dog.//Mike Hunt, Ireland”

“This Hostel stank really bad and was really really bad. The people who own the place dont know what is going on, but that lands you in trouble when trying to pay for things. There are also some absolute wasteoids clogging up the place for months, which probably contributes to the absolute stench.”//Hillary Swank, Ireland

“This hostel is a very weird place. Most of the people who stay there are living there, and they are not international guys, they are old people who live there. The place is kind of dirty and it always smells funny, also there’s a lot of pot smoking in all the common areas, almost every guy who works there, lives there and smokes a lot of pot. The breakfast sucks a lot. The rooms aren’t very good either, the bedsheets are disgusting. Although you can find nice people, I wouldn’t recommend staying here, because you can find a better place with the same money you pay there.”//anonimous

“Great people, great staff, great location, great atmosphere, fun, parties, in one word — awesome — we’ve lived there for three months and it was the best time of our lives. Thank you thank you thank you again, and we are saying all this after eight months, since we left San Francisco. Hope to return this year.”//Eszter & Amalia


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