The End of Cyberspace? Hysteria, again…

“Information from monitored systems is displayed in three dimensional cyberspace representations defining a virtual universe having three dimensions. Fixed and dynamic data parameter outputs from the monitored systems are visually represented as graphic objects that are positioned in the virtual universe based on relationships to the system and to the data parameter categories. Attributes and values of the data parameters are indicated by manipulating properties of the graphic object such as position, color, shape, and motion.”////free patents online/ Monitoring and analysis of data in cyberspace

“.. cyberspace is the homeland of the Information Age – the place where the citizens of the future are destined to dwell.” John Perry Barlow, 1991.

The End of Cyberspace

“Cyberspace is a “metaphor we live by,” born two decades ago at the intersection of computers, networks, ideas, and experience. It has reflected our experiences with information technology, and also shaped the way we think about new technologies and the challenges they present. It had been a vivid and useful metaphor for decades; but in a rapidly-emerging world of mobile, always-on information devices (and eventually cybernetic implants, prosthetics, and swarm intelligence), the rules that define the relationship between information, places, and daily life are going to be rewritten. As the Internet becomes more pervasive– as it moves off desktops and screen and becomes embedded in things, spaces, and minds– cyberspace will disappear.”//////////Alex Soojung-Kim Pang::::The End of Cyberspace

“Similarly, cyberspace is not as distinct from ‘real’ space as it was imagined it would be. Geographically, it is not a separate world or a new frontier, but rather a layer atop (or beneath?) the everyday world. We inhabit both cyberspace and physical space at the same time.”/////Delta Scan: The Future of Science and Technology, 2005-2055 > The End of Cyberspace

“We live in a world of smart objects, always-on devices, and perpetually open information channels. The Internet feels less like an alternate world that we “go to” and more like just another layer of life.”/////wired::::”Cyberspace” Is Dead

“As more and more dimensions of the real are translated into the Boolean Esperanto of binary code,
we open up the possibility for entirely unexpected modes of synthesis to arise, patterns of connection
and integration that for now seem barely conceivable. Of course they will arise as an imagination.
Of course they will take the form of a surprise.”///////Erik Davies in : The End of Cyberspace and Other Surprises

Building a Research Presence in Cyberspace


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