Living with Robots, bits of information


Tech Weekly: Living with robots and the war against filesharing//guardian


“We see a virtual web world much more like the Web works today. Instead of a closed bubble, we should have an open, networked model. One size never fits all, so people should be able to make content on their own computers and share it with others, professionals should be able to make their own applications and run on their own servers, or to have it hosted on reliable hardware. Content should also be much more moveable, people should be able to transfer objects not only between worlds, but also via the web, blogs or e-mails. Tribal Net lets them do that. Our goal is to supply the tools to make this vision come true.”//tribalnet::via:UgoTrade



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2 comments on “Living with Robots, bits of information
  1. Chris says:

    Der Flammen-mech oben ist ja ulkig. Die Videos dazu noch mehr: Der latscht, als hätt er einen Kurzen zuviel drinne…^^

    …immerhin liegt der schon nicht mehr an so ner Leine…

  2. nexuslex says:

    bei mir hat das auch etwas gedauert mit dem Laufenlernen….

    hybsches DEsign, ich finde

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