Skynet is to protect Neo-Luddites

“Ubiquitous computing means more than computing wherever you wander: It means knowing the locale, weaving seamlessly into the local fabric, and vanishing. Devices disappear when developers have unrestricted access to hardware.”//openmoko

“Right now, secret factories are mass producing Cyborg Armies of insects with electronics embedded inside them. They’ve creating swarms of cyborg moths and flying beetles that can be controlled remotely. “/”The Pentagon aims to exponentially increase the paranoia of an already omnipresently surveilled society; any insect fluttering past your window may be a remote-controlled spy, packed with surveillance equipment.”/ cyberpunkradio


“Flux Compression Generator”


Radioisotope thermoelectric generator

New-Luddites are often equated with Technophobes– those who fear technology. Neo-Luddites–a disparate, unofficial community of individuals who are critical of modern technology–do not necessarily fear technology; rather, they reject technology on philosophical grounds.”//dystopians

“The hopeful future of humanity freed from disease, disability, hunger, ignorance, poverty, and inequity depends on beating back the forces of neo-Luddite reaction that were assembled so successfully at the International Forum on Globalization’s Teach-In. The struggle for that future begins now.”//reason

“The neo-Luddite spectrum, then, is surprisingly broad and far more multifarious and interesting than one might have been led to think.  Not yet an ordered movement, perhaps, but it contains multitudes of those who have in common an awakening from the technophilic dream and resistance to one aspect or other of the industrial monoculture, and that is a sociological fact of considerable importance.  It also seems capable of developing along more self-conscious lines in the years ahead, particularly as the kinds of tenuous links now being make among previously separate groups grow stronger and as the sorts of issues once regarded as distinct — biotechnology and free trade, clear-cutting and tribal extinction — are increasingly seen as parts of the same rough beast. “//Kirkpatrick Sale

” While many today blindly fear technology, Neo-Luddites embrace it. We see the personal computer as a great emancipator. Within each computer is the power to fulfill a dream. We no longer need to work to enrich others, because we have limitless opportunities to work for ourselves.”//louder than words


human being

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  2. nexuslex says:

    Dann kann mein Sobot in einem vermeshtem Schwarm von Hummeldrohnen aktiviert um mich schwirren?

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