Be Vigilant — Be Aware — Be Prepared


Kurt Vonnegut Interview “If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.”

/1.3 Mega Pixels Eyewear recorder with Built-in 2GB Memory and Micro SD card slot/

“President Bush’s last State of the Union address is expected to serve as a harsh reminder to the American people that he doesn’t leave office until January 20, 2009, still providing him ample opportunities to personally rape the entire world, administration officials said.”/the ministry of truth/

/The project will demonstrate how a naive system can bootstrap its cognitive development by constructing generalisation and discovering abstractions with which it can conceptualise its environment and its own self. The continuous developmental approach will combine self-supervised and reinforcement learning with motivational drives to form a truly autonomous artificial system./::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

“It was inevitable. The broadcast industry is now describing people who skip over commercials as thieves!”//2600

///Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed a smart video goggle system that records everything the wearer looks at, recognizes and assigns names to objects that appear in the video, and creates an easily searchable database of the recorded footage./pinktentacle//

“Great for protecting your privacy in today’s ever more big brother climate, this wireless spy camera jammer is small enough to be concealed in a pocket, briefcase, purse or other small places nobody would expect.”/chinavision/::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::”Thor Shield (TS) is a protective fabric lining that provides protection from non-lethal energy weapons such as TASER(TM)*, Stun Guns and animal control devices such as cattle prods.”// Here you will find a selection of articles on d3o/

Thor Shield Energy Weapon-Proof Fabric//


Solar Electricity Batons:It is worked beautifully with fashion shape and ergonomics.This products self-defense is very powerful

Orwell today“Comparing the world George Orwell described in “1984”
with the world we are living in today, 2001/2/3/4/5/6/7 2008″”

“The RAID Program is developing novel capabilities for anticipating enemy actions and deceptions, with particular focus on providing real-time support to tactical commanders in urban operations.”//thought criminal

Fujitsu robot learns to cook//COGNIRONThe Cognitive Robot Companion: Project Objectives The overall objectives of this project are to study the perceptual, representational, reasoning and learning capabilities of embodied robots in human centred environments.////////As says USF, the goal is to develop ‘a robot that will be a companion to a person who may be trapped after a car crash or in building ruins following an earthquake, or someone pinned down by sniper fire.’ As said Murphy, ‘robots can provide not only a sense of being a ‘buddy’ by playing soothing music or providing other entertainment, the robot also can be the audio and video link between survivor and family.’/Piquepaille/

” Its acronymn is HAN. It is the ability to utilize the body surface as the transmission for connectivity to terminals”//TC


Symptom Solver found 165 possible conditions for the symptoms you have chosen.


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2 comments on “Be Vigilant — Be Aware — Be Prepared
  1. Chris says:

    Whhhuuua! Materialoutput vomn Bot-Bot-Meister. Ich guck dann mal durch, was man für der CERN -Run so alles brauchen kann…

  2. nexuslex says:

    für Cern? ganz einfach: einatmen/ ausatmen…. Happa,Happy—Joy,Joy

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