Gingko’s ability to supply additional quantities of oxygen to the brain is critical in restoring health.//youthful concepts

In addition to improving learning and memory, piracetam has been used to treat a multitude of conditions. It has been successfully used to treat alcoholism and alcohol withdrawal syndrome in both animals and humans [16]. It both reduces seizure susceptibility and mental impairment during alcohol withdrawal, and also helps prevent alcohol-induced lipofuscin pigment buildup in rats [16, 45, 51]. Piracetam also shows benefit in animal models of both anxiety and depression [2, 57], and has antifatigue and antistress properties similar to those of ginseng in mice [39]. When combined with anti-epileptic drugs in humans, piracetam potentiates their anticonvulsant action while simultaneously eliminating the cognitive deficits induced by them [16].//1fast400

Taking a “brainy pill”, or adding hardware parts to boost your neuronal engine goes beyond the mere tool that glasses and lenses are. There is not much of a “cosmetic feel” about it when you start changing who you are and what defines you as human: error-prone, forgetful, emotional, mortal.//BrainEthics

But one of them, a neuropsychologist who specializes in looking at why people who are mentally and physically engaged throughout their lives seem to resist dementia most successfully, was less dismissive.//my brain trainer

“Still, it’s not clear that boycotting neurotech will be a realistic option. When the people around you — competitors, colleagues, partners — can run Google searches in their brains during conversations; or read documents upside down on a desk 30 feet away; or remember exactly who said what, when and where; or coordinate meeting tactics telepathically; or work forever without sleep; or control every device on a production line with thought alone, your only probable alternative is to join them or retire. No corporation could ignore the competitive potential of a neurotech-enhanced workforce for long.”//sentient developments

Neural Enhancement

Human enhancement refers to any attempt, whether temporary or permanent, to overcome the current limitations of the human body, whether through natural or artificial means.//wiki/neuro concept

By using microchips, or a matrix of fiber optic wires to bridge damaged areas of the brain, we may have a way to successfully treat and cure a multitude of neurological conditions such as strokes and Alzheimer’s disease, very similar to Neal Stephenson’s book Interface . Bridging neural gaps with microchip implants leads to a number of uses for the technology including education and expansion of brain use. However, the fact that there is a microchip imbedded in an individual’s neural cortex may lead to some ethical issues including tampering and brainwashing.//International Medical Insurance

What cybernetic enhancement / device do you need?


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