I Exist Because You Exist

Header: World Wisdom Council

“Human beings are a marvel of evolved complexity. Such systems can be difficult to
enhance. When we manipulate complex evolved systems which are poorly understood,
our interventions often fail or backfire…By understanding both the sense in which there is validity in the idea that nature is wise and the limits beyond which the idea ceases to be valid, we are in a better position
to identify promising human enhancements and to evaluate the risk-benefit ratio of extant
enhancements.”/The Wisdom of Nature: An Evolutionary Heuristic for Human Enhancement /Nick Bostrom/Anders Sandberg

“As there is still not a clear definition of consciousness, no empirical tests currently exist to test consciousness as a whole.”//Book of Thoth

“Most of your galactic brothers and sisters dwell beyond the five senses and have learned many things that you are only beginning to understand.”//wisdom community

“I was curious to see if benevolent interactions with people could accelerate and enrich the learning process of machines. In short, I wanted to see if I could build a robot that could learn from people and actually could learn how to be more socially sophisticated.”/NYTimes/ A CONVERSATION WITH: CYNTHIA BREAZEAL


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