neuro seed noir

“After all, if Morpheus, Trinity, and Neo succeed in their quest to liberate humanity from the machines, we’ll all be left to eat slop in the dreadful real world of post-apocalyptic earth, rather than becoming fashionista superheroes in the fake world. What kind of liberation is that?”//

YAYNESS indeed!

“Cyberpunk has always been at the edges of sci-fi, usually more politicised than the average space opera, typically they are attempts at distortion of societal roles, a vision of a fractured future where public space is infiltrated by corporations and all that’s left are the outcasts and rebels.”//zhi


– a cyberpunk online graphic novel by Nuclear Nietzsche a.k.a. Christian Krank

“a cyberpunk epic in the vein of blade runner and akira. a brutal post-apocalyptic tale of surviving in a dystopian state.”//comiXology


human being

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3 comments on “neuro seed noir
  1. Chris says:

    Netter Zeichenstil, so schön schaurig dunkel, g`fällt.

  2. Chris says:

    …überhaupt ne Fundgrube, der Webcomic-Laden da.

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