yesterday´s future still emerging

“The industrialization has polluted earth to almost uninhabitable state, nature is suffering, all the animals have become extinct, except for those cloned from the DNA-libraries afterwards. The gap between the poor and the rich has got bigger, governments’ authority is run over by multinational corporations, which care little about anything else than their profit. Crime levels increase all the time and violent solutions are being made for everyday problems. Most of the people live in comatose-like state and submit silently to the “new world order”. Concepts like “the System” or “the Corporate” are present in almost every major cyberpunk story. The not-always-too-heroic heroes, “Cyberpunks” live on “the Edge” of the system desperately trying to make their weight in battle for a better society. This battle is not an open war against something, but an everyday behaviour and not accepting the part corporations have planned for them. Postmodern themes include globalization, commercialism, mixing of different cultures and ideologies in one huge media flow.”/// By Janne Järvinen, Gr lll::::project cyberpunk//Aspects and Expectations

“…the World Wide Web functions to level the field, creating an arena in which nationality, race, class, and gender are equalized under the universal standards of the virtual game….”//Chanpon


“Zoom in close enough and the truth will reveal itself, Ishii seemed to
say. At the level of the atom, everything is equal. In Neubauten’s

performance, the human body and all manner of industrial metal objects
combine to make music.”//greyLODGE

“The cyberpunk world is starkly non-utopian, serving up the same sort of intimate but uneasy accommodation with technology portrayed in the movie Blade Runner. I will bet that the digital counterculture will reject this bleak vision of a future in which technology enlarges the human spirit as a new tool for consciousness in much the same way that the hippies appropriated the psychoactive chemical spinoffs of the military- industrial complex. This new movement will be cyberpunk imbued with human warmth, substituting a deep sense of interdependence in place of lone-wolf isolationism. Cyberpunks envision humans as electronic cyber-rats lurking in the interstices of the information mega-machine; the gospel of the post- cyberpunk movement will be one of machines in the service of enlarging our humanity.”/// Cyberpunk R.I.P. By Paul Saffo:::wired

“The new Netrunning Paradigm is ease of use. The Net should be all-pervasive, not the domain of dedicated computer users.”//2K20

“Concepts once purely fiction — robots, cyborg parts, artificial intelligence — are becoming part of everyday reality. Soon robots will be everywhere, performing surgery, exploring hazardous places, making rescues, fighting fires, and handling heavy goods. After a decade or two, they will be as unremarkable as computer screens are now in our offices, airports, and restaurants. Cyborgs will be less obvious. These additions to the human body — rebuilt joints, elbows, and hearts — are mostly inferior now. Soon we will cross the line between repair and augmentation, probably first in sports medicine and cosmetic alterations, then for anyone who wants to make a body perform better and last longer than it ordinarily could. Controversy will arise, but it will not stop our desire to live longer and be stronger than we are. “//sKeptic


“Children are being tracked by micro-chips embedded in their uniforms in a trial at a secondary school.

The devices are used to monitor pupils’ movements and register their arrival in class on the teacher’s computer. Supply teachers can also be alerted if a student is likely to misbehave.”//archrights2007

“It was never my aim to create a counterculture,” Mr. Sterling said recently. “My goal is to take over the culture — my aim is to win.”//nytimes1990

Cyberpunk pages in the Net in other languages than English.//CPP2004


human being

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