More human than human? “I’m not a peace officer,” Rick said. “I’m a bounty hunter.”

The Film Geekz Online Blade Runner Voight-Kampff Test!

“A new life awaits you in the Off-World colonies…or does it? Can you prove your human, or even “more than human”? Pass, and you’ll be given your freedom; fail, and you just might get “aired out”. Reaction time is a factor in this so please pay attention…”//okCupid:::::

Dein Ergebnis:: Nexus 4.5

…seltsam, aber so steht es geschrieben

“In the end the Voight-Kampff test is a retro-hi-tech supported interview, designed to find out if an individual is human or not by determining if there is ‘enough’ emotional response.”//xirdalium


human being

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