droid love agents/robot poetry

“You may never look at your toaster
the same way again.”

“…Deploying lifelike robot agent provocateur infiltrators using realistic sex pheromones to influence mass psychology.”///the register

“Weizenbaum was deeply troubled by what he discovered during his experiments with ELIZA: Some of his students exhibited strong emotional connections to the program; some actually wished to be alone with it.”//seed magazine

” These opportunities, however, bring with them new ethical challenges involving the deployment of robots, ubiquitous sensing systems, direct neural interfaces, invasive nano-devices and other technologies that, alone or in combination, allow for completely new models of human-machine interface and technology control than have been available to-date. “//Roboethics/Stanford

“From experience, the problem is that giving robots morals is like teaching an ant to yodel. We’re not there yet…Robots do not have human-level intelligence. It is rather similar to a vehicle today.”//Tilden, who works for Wow Wee Toys in Hong Kong//NG

“Robotics research is increasingly raising ethical implications, related to the more strict interaction between robots and human beings, as well as to the closest interaction between robotics itself and biological science, in the study of Man.
In a more general sense, “techno-ethics” has been defined as the discipline aimed at studying moral (social, politic, theological) issues related to the use of technological artefacts in the Society.”//Robotics and Automation Society

“Robotics de facto unifies the so called two cultures, science and humanities. The effort to design Roboethics should take care of this specificity. This means that experts shall view robotics as a whole — in spite of the current early stage which recalls a melting pot — so they can achieve the vision of the robotics’ future.”//wiki


Google Poetry Robot

” zero.
one zero.
one one.
one zero zero.
one zero one.
one one zero.
one one one.”//RobotLove

Click here to listen to the poems.


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