Just in time productions presents: learning by reading

“When it comes to content theft, there is a great deal of confusion….

The quicker we can get to the truth of these matters, the faster we can start working on creating an Internet where content is both free and still productive to those that create it.

If balance is the key to a happier Web, then no one disrupts the balance more than scrapers and plagiarists.”//Jonathan Bailey/Blog Herald

“Though it sounds like a great deal of work, I can not think of anything else that has been so easy for me to learn or had so many wonderful people there to help me.

Considering how important this issue is and how little time and energy is truly required, there is no reason not to familiarize yourself with the procedure and make use of the resources available.”//Jonathan Bailey/Blog Herald

“An image is any graphic, photograph, cartoon, drawing, or artwork. By international copyright law, it belongs to the artist who created the artwork. Only they can give permission to reprint the work, and by law, it can only be used with permission…

Some crafty website owners are using multiple feeds to pull information from other sites into their own, making it look like the site has an interesting and original collection of content, when it is actually stolen without permission from other sites.”//Lorelle/WordPress

“Copyright laws were designed to protect those in society whom we celebrate and honor, often representative of the lowest paid workers, the artists. We don’t expect to take freely work from our doctors, lawyers, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, or others whose work we value and honor with compensation. We expect to pay them….But there is something about a writer, poet, composer, and photographer that makes people expect their work needs no compensation…It is free to read, look at, wonder about, and even write about. It is not free to steal, make money from it, or use it as your own.”//Lorelle/WordPress

AntiLeech helps prevent content theft by sploggers.”

“Honestly, few blogs offer completely original content. Many people highlight other blogger’s content with blockquotes and links with very little content of their own. They are glorified recommenders and link listers. Nothing wrong with that, but a splog has no content of their own, and they often don’t restrict themselves to “fair use” style blockquotes but full ripping off content from others.”//lorelle

“Remember, it is your responsibility to know your blogging rights, what you can and cannot do on your blog. Freedom of Speech is a right and a privilege. As a privilege, there are rules. Claiming you didn’t know after the fact doesn’t work. Know before you blog.”//lorelle

10 Things You Need to Know Before You Blog

EFF: Legal Guide for Bloggers


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