Baby, one more time..

Am I robot, wired in flesh and neurons?

Is this sploglike, worth only disdain?

Do I feel like Atlas?

I will learn, but

Baby, one more time

MashupPoetry linage, touching strangers:

Preserving tabs of the past few hours


“After a few years and about 12,000 links, I retired the daily links blog. “/A.Dash

” I think we’re at the earliest possible beginning of the changes we’re going to see because of this sort of grass roots coordination.”/S.Godin

“They will be treated like everyone else in the cash zone and held far more accountable for their work.

Of course this is all just my opinion, but to me its a good thing for all involved. The rich can still get richer, but everyone shares in the risk.”/M.Cuban

” A guide to how human well-being has steadily improved with economic growth, technological change, and free trade combining to power a “cycle of progress” that has led to unprecedented improvements in human well-being.”/Cato

The Sophisticated Misfit, A Documentary on the Art of Shag

I define “sleaze” as using sensationalism to explore the borders of what is considered acceptable in the current literary environment.“//sleaze
“If you’re a developer who lives in the real world of shared hosting accounts and clients with deadlines, and if you’re tired of ponderously large and thoroughly undocumented frameworks “//code-igniter
”  If the company receives all necessary approvals, it expects to begin offering the services later this year.”//DarkerMe
” Disqus makes your comments more interactive for readers and easier to manage for you — all while connecting your community with other blogs.”//Disqus

“ADEC strives to provide quality collaboration opportunities for all segments of the California distance learning community.”/ADEC

” The point however is that people network to learn together. Aside from being an opportunity for all of you to make friends with like minded people in your (virtual) community, it also will hopefully reduce the work load for the mentors.”/PHP

” Simple models of population growth include the Malthusian Growth Model and the logistic model.”/wiki

ab 2010 bezogen auf die mittlere Wachstumsprognose”/bpb


”  Reciprocity is a basic premise of egalitarian relationships, and is typically depicted as a ‘good thing’ within heterosexual sex and relationships. Here we examine a discourse of reciprocity – articulated as orgasm for both partners”/auckland

”  Although influenced by anthropological cultural relativism and phenomenological philosophy, most contemporary social constructionists trace the roots of their points of view to postmodern philosophy”/ghistory

“Als Grundgesetz werden grundlegende Rechtsnormen verschiedener Gemeinwesen bezeichnet:”/wiki

” Sie werden alles sehen, aus nächster Nähe.”/modeste


might be, just for me, to see

hit me baby one more time

back to school


human being

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