The Benefits of Being Human

 A Universal Measure of Intelligence for Artificial Agents

"What follows is a list of online resources pertaining, one way or another,
to the project of "transhumanism" - becoming more than human."

Artificial Intelligence downloads

"Unique Jungian and MBTI approach to develop Human Artificial Intelligence"

LEMUR: League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots

Cyberpunk Radio – #102 – Nanobots and Music

Brief History of Artificial Intelligence

Geschichte der Artificial Intelligence

Timeline of artificial intelligence

“Holographic Brain Theory”

Creating Friendly AI 1.0

“If a robot invents, does the patent go to its owner or the patent holder of its artificial intelligence?”//roboLEXtech

Ethics for the Robot Age

Robotic Freedom

::::Nova Spivack

The Ray Kurzweil Reader::::::Gleich abonnieren::::::::Die Zukunft beginnt heute:::::link:::MJSL::::

A Cost/Benefit Analysis of the Human Spirit: The Luddites Revisited

“Human: member of the species, the single race homo sapiens. Whatever persons are called, or call themselves, wherever they live, they are human. Therefore human rights: benefits to which people are entitled simply by virtue of being human.”//find::Gitlin

Meditation builds up the brain

Benefits of Yoga


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  1. Chris says:

    Lex, der Retter meiner Mittagspause^^

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