Project Camelot


Second Life virtual strippers performance


“This exhibition focuses on the relationship between surrealism and photography, and introduces the unique visual world that brought about a revolution in artistic expression throughout the previous century.”::::##::::


:::##::::”This is really totally cool, and actually shows up pretty well in pictures. Consult Google for Morphorium, or check Iwai’s website at”


“If they can receive suggestions and critiques from professional artists, I felt they will benefit more and express even better.

Whether it is sports or cultural activities, they will bring more motivations to students. It is very meaningful as they will enrich the students’ future. The City wants to continue to value these activities.”//Mayor of Shibuya


“These represent a new generation of sound technology that is a hand held flat screen computer with a translucent pixel structure on both sides that allows the performer to see and hear the creative processes at the same time they are generated. The instrument “Tenori-on” consists of a 16 x 16 matrix of LED switches that are complemented by a menu set of buttons to select instrument and tone and which are placed on the surrounding frame of this inner screen. With these applications, the musical instrument enables the user to play individual sounds but also create their own symphony. The interesting aspect again lies in the media convergence, that playing an instrument becomes a visual process which at the same time develops an aesthetic quality of its own. Because sound and vision are created by the same source and are internally interconnected, the audiovisuality of the performance is much more approriate to the digital technology that lies at the core than in most usual DJ performances.”///leonardo


“Born in Japan’s Aichi Prefecture in 1962, Toshio Iwai’s involvement in media art really began during tertiary study. After being admitted to Tsukuba University’s Fine Arts Department, Iwai began working on a variety of media art projects, including experimental animations, flipbooks and zoetropes.”///n-sider


“Drei Wiener haben zusammen die “iBand” gegründet, eine electro Band, die Electroplankton (Nintendo DS), PocketGuitar (iPod touch) und den iAno Piano Emulator (iPhone) benutzt.”///nerotunes



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