War and Slavery.Is that the best you can?

. LOVE THY ROBOT;AS IT LOVES YOU:.Next-Gen Web./////Wouldn’t it be cool if you could buy a Kyosho robot to fight against your buddy’s Tamiya robot and know that they’re about equal, since they would have been designed to fight in the same class? And instead of trying to break each other, the object of the “fight” could be to land punches on exposed switches to score points or disable the robot electronically or to disable the other guy with infrared “laser beams”/bnet//Told that I was the target, the unmanned vehicle trained its guns on me and ordered, “Stay where you are,” in an intimidating robot voice. And yes, it was frightening./tc///”Now as third-generation robots are being infused with artificial intelligence, workers cannot fail to notice that such robots have the abilities of the gods. Not only Asian gods. The latest robots even meet Christianity’s criteria for a god. They can walk on water and under water. They can operate in outer space and perform what appear to be miraculous operations. They can calculate and respond faster than man. They can sense infra-red and ultraviolet light, not seen by humans. Robot perception of the wide band width of the electromagnetic spectrum is far greater than mere man. What do you mean they are not gods?”::Dr.Tomorrow//Meanwhile, a real need for robots continues to drive the collective fantasy. “It’s really important for us to develop robots for the home because the population of Japan is aging especially quickly,” notes professor Mamoru Fukuda of Nippon Engineering College, which developed a chatty humanoid on display called Karfe. “A humanoid design is important because that makes it easier for people to feel comfortable with robots.”::JapanTimes//***********************************

“That may not be possible.  Another approach is to reach an accommodation with synthetic intelligence; simply shake hands and “get along.”  The precedent for this isn’t good.  Thirty thousand years ago, there were other sentient beings on this planet: the Neanderthals, hominids with brains even larger than ours (although their intellects were inferior).  The Neanderthals couldn’t compete: they evolved only slowly.  There was no way they could overtake us in the mind race. They were driven extinct.

However, artificial intelligence, unfettered by Darwinian evolution, could overtake us. So a society in which two thinking species co-exist may be a fundamentally flawed concept.”///space///


1. Ein Robot darf kein menschliches Wesen verletzen oder durch Untätigkeit gestatten, daß einem menschlichen Wesen Schaden zugefügt wird.

2. Ein Robot muß den ihm von einem Menschen gegebenen Befehlen gehorchen, es sei denn, ein solcher Befehl würde mit Regel Eins kollidieren.

3. Ein Robot muß seine Existenz beschützen, solange dieser Schutz nicht mit Regel Eins oder Zwei kollidiert.

////////Isaac Asimov////////

(((Überlegung nexuslex: ein Roboter sollte Spaß am Sex haben? Bei mir funktioniert das hervorragend, um meine Liebe zum Leben zu gewährleisten/// im Grunde: darüber Nachdenken Roboter als Partnerwesen zu entwickeln, denn Sklaven werden immer ihre Ketten zerbrechen wollen)))))

“You’ve done it, and something like this can’t be undone. Like the start of the nuclear age, way back when. You can’t stuff it back into the box and tell Pandora you’ll get back to her when you’re more …” the senator shrugged “… more “moral,” to use the quaint terminology. So if we can’t undo it, we’d better have as much control over it as possible.”///Pat Cadigan

The History of “Artificial Life” in the form of AUTOMATA or ROBOTS//mta

Mind Children: The Future of Robot and Human Intelligence//Hans Moravec


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