sowohl als auch statt entweder oder

“Outer space is the future of business :Space Economy, defined as the full range of economic activities in the course of exploring, understanding and utilizing space, has become the next great frontier for business growth, exceeding $250 billion in projected value to the U.S. economy.”//Daily Galaxy2008

“Ecologism offers a solution by emphasizing the need for major socioeconomic reform aimed at a post-industrial era. Environmentalism, in contrast, focuses on the preservation, restoration, and improvement of the natural environment within the present framework.”________”As the world population grows, it seems inevitable that we will run out of space and time for creating the perfect world on just one planet.”//Rebecca Sato

But in order for this future to come to full fruition, Chang-Diaz believes we have to let go of our current, archaic notions of how to travel through space.

“In order for us to conduct a serious space-exploration program, we need to develop two things: power and propulsion.”//Chang Diaz

“The problems with Hawking’s solution is that while it may save a “seed” of human life- a few lucky specimens- it won’t save Earth’s inhabitants. The majority of Earthlings would surely be left behind on a planet increasingly unfit for life. That doesn’t seem like an acceptable plan for the human race, and certainly nothing to cheer for.

Maybe it’s time we faced up to the facts that as pleasant as finding a new “Eden” sounds, is not likely to happen anytime in the next few generations, or perhaps not ever. As exotic and exciting as space tourism and future colonization sounds, it’s a hope that can easily be misused as an intergalactic copout. I’m all for scientific exploration, but our first priority needs to be saving planet Earth.”//Rebecca Sato


“Someday a bright bunch of folks who are maybe only in first grade or middle school right now are going to be coming in for final approach to Phobos, one of the two moons of Mars.”//spacewriter

///the organisms that live there are able to survive.///


“With Mars in talkative Gemini now, aggression will be expressed primarily through words. Lovely Venus makes a harmonious aspect (sextile) to Mars on the same day which will soften the effect somewhat and help to alleviate angry reactions.”//astrodynamics2007


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