“Und jedes Mal, wenn Fantasie
Dem Freunde ganz versiegt: -;
“das Uebrige ein ander Mal!”
O nein, sie leiden’s nicht.
” “Es ist ja schon ein ander Mal!” ” -;
So rufen sie vergnügt.”//A.Zimmermann/symbolon

“I think in the end this depends on whether we are seeking on the one hand to make comprehensible a different culture, or, on the other, to convey what in Alice is, I would argue, a universal and revolutionary frame of mind, one that embodies respect for play and nonsense, of courage in the face of the absurdities of the adult world, and of belief in the dignity of childhood as a period of grace in all of our lives. Seen in that light, honouring the Englishness of Alice can only be a minor goal. The far greater one is capturing and communicating her universality across all linguistic and cultural boundaries.”/the looking glass/Jeffrey Garrett

Jabberwocky Variations

(Alice Kessler)


human being

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