if your girl screams like this

you are either doing something very right or very wrong, is Rattenmann´s headline trying to capture the experience of Stolen Babies.(dark-elektro-manga-ska-metal: “je mehr man reinhört desto geiler wirds”im-stream)


From afar I thought them to be Zombies attracting me with beautiful sound and if I wasnßt blessed with rotting teeth, I would have fallen for this accordeon playing beauty hidden behind makeup with a voice capable of pleasure,pain and sheer asskicking power. They say ghoulish unundead, oingo boingo and information overload, i say carnival of existence which knows, and might appreciate pain . we listened to the cd in the car wayback and the driver kept it.Sweet

.In the age of multiresistant viruses spitting around makes me think of singapore, whipping feet.

Still (Don´t) poison the well, were much better than i expected from their musictelevision like reputation, forcefull plus straightinthefaceness.


though i am not practicing gayness there is no way around awesomning deps singer.massive.

mathcore without texas instruments. I was just happy, dancing like a maniac…whiplash

who can describe music? and why ? youtube it………..live music makes up for a lot of human retardness

plus so many opportunities to fall in love

go there.

fall in love with stolen babies

swear to yourself you gonna build a muscle

appreciate the sound

fuck me




human being

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