break/Video “Some guy built a machine that can solve a rubiks cube.”

nationmedia/via::: “Latin American mafias make Guinea-Bissau Africa’s first narco-state”“Building safer, healthier and wealthier societies around the globe by using the knowledge of the world’s 400,000 earth scientists more effectively is the main goal of the International Year of Planet Earth – Earth science for Society- which will be launched on 12 and 13 February at UNESCO.”

Is a society possible in which peer production is the primary mode of production? If so, how could such a society be organized?

peerconomoy “Is a society possible where production is driven by demand and not by profit? Where there is no need to sell anything and hence no unemployment? Where competition is more a game than a struggle for survival? Where there is no distinction between people with capital and those without? A society where it would be silly to keep your ideas and knowledge secret instead of sharing them; and where scarcity is no longer a precondition of economic success, but a problem to be worked around?

It is, and this book describes how.”

LHC/symmetry “The worldwide particle physics community is about to sail on a voyage into a New World of discovery.”



human being

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  1. Chris says:

    Wie der schon blitzt und blinkt, der Kreis des Teufels, da unten. Da wird mir komisch… Is dann nix mehr mit ABC-Anzug und so….

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