This, That, Which, and Where




The cuteness surge/Why, in desperate times, we turn to lolcats, twee songs, and mute kittens (The Phoenix)

Preiseliste für Bandenwerbung bei, z.B. Prominenzblogger Perez Hilton : gossip blog ads //apropopos im Rampenlicht..bild-1.jpg Chris Cunningham war in Gesprächen über die Verfilmung neuromancercasting.jpgNeuromancers (Oh, God, Joesph Kahn!?)  0107neuromancer.jpg,blank.gif er war auch mal cover-0507.jpgim Gespräch für die Verfilmung von RanXeroxranxerox5.jpg/Ranxeronranxerox2.jpg/Ranxmind.jpg .Auch was er tatsächlich umsetzt ist klasse . rj-theatrical-tour.gif// apropos, Unterlassungsurteil : Paranormal Restraining Orders


Celebrity Wit

Alfons Heck : Growing up in the 3.Reich (The Phoenix)::.::.

The Singing Revolution documents how the people of Estonia led a peaceful revolt

“Are we watching a car commercial? An ad for leather jeans? For Viagra?”

” Watching it is the closest thing yet to seeing a first-person driving game play itself.”

“There is so much style, complete with irritatingly constant ultra-close-ups, and so little substance, that it´s hard to imagine even 16-year-olds coming away satisfied.” (rottenTomatoes on Torque)




human being

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