The Night

  “Die dauerhafte Datenspeicherung verstößt noch gegen eine weitere Grunderfahrung: Die „Gnade des Vergessens“. In letzter Konsequenz bedeutet das: Wir sind in der Technikfalle: Unsere Privatsphäre besteht nur noch dort, wo wir offline sind. Online gibt es keine Privatheit mehr.” (

Virtuelle Volksvertretung Deutschland (VVVD) Parteien gibt es viele. Sie bieten den Bürgern vorgegebene Politikpakete in der Absicht, damit den Bürgerwillen abzudecken. Die VVVD geht einen völlig anderen Weg. Durch Online-Wahlen erfasst sie den Bürgerwillen und setzt diesen in der parlamentarischen Arbeit um


ColorToy 2.0 – The Flash Color Scheme Generator


Color Palette Generator

Corey Delaney, 16, posted a MySpace notice to party while his parents were away . Revelers caused $A20,000 in damages before the party was broken up by police and the dog squad. He has scored himself an agent and is now set for a nationwide tour as a party-organiser.” (stuff thru buzz) Super Mario, remixed

Irrtümer optimieren Leistung

Privacy : More to come : Zabasearch

autonomous mutant festival is a do-it-yourself event. there’s no central organization.

Snopes : Urban Legends Reference Pages

dopplr_logo.gif . “You put in your travel schedule and link to your friends. It allows you to see where everyone is.”

Douglas Adams Continuum Links

Suche: Wikifox ist ein neuartiges Domain-Lexikon und bietet umfassende Informationen zu vielen Domains.
Metacrap and Flickr Tags: An Interview from JOHO with Cory Doctorow/i,robot


Easter Egg

Micronations — sometimes also referred to as cybernations, fantasy countries, model countries, and new country projects — are entities that resemble independent nations or states but which are unrecognized by world governments or major international organisations. These nations usually exist only on paper, on the Internet, or in the minds of their creators.”


Warehouse23“You open one of the 1002 boxes on this floor and find…

The newest version of Diablo, in which you are able to play Diablo himself. You stand there for hours waiting for the adventurer to reach you and attempt to kill you for trying to take over the world, when in fact you have done nothing but stand there.”


msc snds bttr wth you


human being

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