Mycoplasma JCVI-1.0

Forscher stellen vollstandiges Bakterienerbgut synthetisch her

Good idea, or not?

An important step has been taken in the quest to create a synthetic lifeform.(bbc)

“The scientists’ results show that it is possible to transplant the complete set of DNA—the genome—from one species into the genome of a different species, so that the recipient organism is phenotypically and genotypically identical to the donor organism.”(physorg)

“Genome transplantation is an essential enabling step in the field of synthetic genomics as it is a key mechanism by which chemically synthesized chromosomes can be activated into viable living cells.”(medgadget)
“It sets the stage for what we hope is going to be a new approach to engineering organismsDr Hamilton Othanel Smith
Wired: Can you patent synthetic life?

Genome Guru Seeks Patent on Synthetic Life Form

“The J. Craig Venter Institute’s has filed an international application at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) which names more than 100 countries where the institute may seek monopoly patents.”(biopact)

“The Royal Society seeks your views on the emerging area of synthetic biology ”

“Ihr Ziel ist es, künstlich erzeugte Einzeller in kontrollierte Biomaschinen zu verwandeln, um so zum Beispiel die Gewinnung von Brennstoffen aus Zucker zu ermöglichen oder den Abbau von CO2.”(standard)


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