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The Independent: Discussion in UK about chipping inmates to create more prisonspace (via Turnpike)

Althistory Wiki :A point of divergence, or POD, is a point in a timeline where history begins to change from our time line. Prior to the POD, history runs the same as in our timeline. This page is intended as a summary of the POD’s of all the althists covered on this site.

Paradox: The Magazine of historical and speculative fiction.

The late and Utopiated influencing Robert Anton Wilson was a frequent creator, dissector and commentator on the notion of secret societies and above-government conspiracies. When pressed on the issue RAW would insist that there is no such thing as one grand conspiracy as the very personality types attracted to the Control matrix are the sort to fight each other once interests collide at the peak of the pyramid.

Interactive fiction tells you the beginning of a story. Then it puts you in charge and lets you decide what your character should do. You type commands for the main character to carry out, and the story replies by telling you what happens next.

Seize the Night/Carpe Noctem -knowledge about  feeding on fear

A Defence Of Paradise-Engineering

The new communications technologies make it possible for a movement to exist solely as an ideology, with no membership lists, no financial records, no direct communication between the operatives / Ming the Mechanic

Doctor Bot is a completely new line of utterly refreshing isotonic vitamin-enriched meal-replacement beverages, coming in a range of delicious, tongue-tingling flavors – including Juicy, Zingy, Sour, Sickly and Tangy. Fortified with 100% of the recommended daily requirements of vitamins and minerals, sweetened with all-natural algae extracts, and containing no artificial colorants or preservatives. The natural alternative to a hectic lifestyle.


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