Überwacht und aussortiert::::Für den Soziologen David Lyon ist Überwachung immer auch eine soziale Klassifikation. “Wir werden heute in fast allen Bereichen unseres Lebens identifiziert und sortiert”, sagt er im Gespräch mit ORF.at

Silicon Valley Watcher:::”Recently, I moderated an interesting panel held at Stanford university at the Hoover Insititution, on the subject of Poland’s growing role in the global tech community.”

Ars Technica:::The Virtual Worlds research group at Stanford University is hoping to improve the quality of the virtual experience by enabling anyone, regardless of their skill with a mouse, to take part in contributing realistic-looking content to such virtual worlds.

Wired::Top of the Swaps: P2P’s Most-Traded Movies, TV and Songs of 2007

EFF::::The music and film industry continues to pursue its idea of a politically “corrected” Internet – one that they imagine could protect their old business models without requiring any extra costs on their part.

valleywag on Gawker Media::::Denton’s goal is to discourage “self indulgent” posts and “mind-numbing frequency” in favor of “linkworthy material, by which I mean a secret memo, a spy photo, a chart, a well-argued rant, a list, an exclusive piece of news, a well-packaged find.”

micropersuasion:::::How to Share Items in Google Reader and Still Keep Them Private

mashable::::: Homebrewing is the tradition of video game enthusiasts trying to crack their various gaming platforms and getting them to do things the designers did not originally intend. For the really adventurous out there, you can also start to learn about making your own games for the various platforms.

motiviert von Spon-Netzwelt


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