Networks, music and women

My history of computing starts with the c64, of course, then Amiga, then a break, where I was mainly reading books, after I invested my money in a badly bugged Colani- Notebook (could call that justice), so I read Gibson, Sterling, Mondo 2000 and Wired, Kevin Kelly, Howard Rheingold, Marvin Minsky and similar mindsets, to keep in touch with the spirit, while I connected to nets biochemically.

Later I spend my time in an internetcafe, where I mainly tapped into virtual gaming enviroments, rising to level 99 at the hardcore version of diablo 2 as prozacpala, walking many ways through the wonderfully atmospheric and gripping

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

counterstriking and on the side some informationsurfing and visiting chatrooms, which I never really got into, since the speak in most of them makes me feel awkward and espacially after I met with a girl with whom I had juicy wordsex, but in reality, as so often, didn ´t know how to get it on, I returned to controlled enviroments of hack, slay and magic and of adoring professionals in video-chat as a free loader.More and more entwined by the fascination and reality-release of these yet sluggish VRs I spent more then a year close to non stop in this great lounge, sleeping head on the keyboard, only going home for shower, which I still see as well spent time, but which finished my trail of dropping out of university, by forgetting to pay my fees.

So I took a break and only about a year ago got wired at home, which I enjoy deeply and can´t imagine to ever let go off.

Basically the web I re-entered becomes at a evolved state, more interwoven and dynamic and I was marvelled as ever .But not to lose my trail, which is an ever open opportunity facing myriads of possibilities I try to remain closer to my header.

Music this mind-altering through soundwaves is a main source of nourishment to me, and as my taste is more eclectic and panoramic than corporate mainstream I was really happy with the improved techniques I was supplied with. Webradio is abundant, but I really got thrilled by the intelligent and learning software, like pandora and, which for like for the first time in my life presented me a steady stream of sound, that nearly never made me gargle with disgust.

As pandora these days is kind of hard to get into from outside america, I am left with, which I like better by design and the community features anyway, plus nowadays deezer, the former blogmusic, a global jukebox, a dream coming true. And is where I first encountered shoutboxes, extended profiles and friendship functions, which seemed a bit odd first for a 20th century boy like me, but after a bit of dealing with it made sense, and provided me with resources and experience.

On for example one of my friends is the fair Nori_Kapza, who through the power of attraction made mesunp0038a.JPG get in touch with the band Beirut, who are a gem themselves.

So of course I tried out myspace as well, which reminds me of a teenagers room, all your posters, all your stuff and which I find a great place for exploring art at first sight, like the great concert pics Nori takes… She manages to capture the souls without stealing them… Very light headed and hearted basically, to show your fellows, your stars and your style myspace style. Some bulletins I receive are hillarious and that alone makes me stick to it, after I learned not to waste time in there and though the ownership is really dodgy nowadays. Facebook and the german equivalent I use for purposes of communication with some youngsters, old friends and my favourite sisters, I really like that through their pictures you can view their reality tunnels even if they are afar.

So, the power of female makes you go places, music makes the world even more enjoyable and to be connected with good people is totally fine. So much to learn, so much to sense

I am loving it.


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4 comments on “Networks, music and women
  1. Robert says:

    Wow, some kind of love song for the so-called “Web 2.0”. It’s a pitty that many companies don’t care about privacy, otherwise things could be enjoyed much more, don’t they?

  2. Chris says:

    i started with s128 😉 anyway…strong writing, dude! -inspired- !

  3. Chris says:

    Je öfter ich es lese, desto besser gefällts! Post of the month, i would suggest….

  4. nexuslex says:

    der fängt doch gerade erst an plus ultra neue rechtschreibung

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