Going Postal

After massaging my myspace-account,i made like 15 friends in 12 hours.For a person from the last millenium this is an exciting thing to happen.So to keep me from going over the top,i decided to play some postal 2.

A game about just running some errands in a world gone slightly mad.Sarcasm,humour and a dash of gore accompany one,while learning to trust in the gun and trying to stay sane in between fanatic anti-gaming parents,book haters,rednecks,arabic terrorists and human steak producing butchers,yet,You can piss,but you can´t puke…Strange…

I really want to see what will be going on once Dr.Uwe Boll´s movie adaption gets screened…Slapstick with a pale.This will cause some commotion.

But it set my head straight,to freak just a little.


human being

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